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Affiliate Program for Individuals

Every individual that would like to earn some extra money can register for our affiliate program and will get:

  1. Minimum Income of 10 EUR for every real client you bring
  2. Your own web page to advertise
  3. Free brochures and advertising materials depends on your success rate
  4. Our full support for you and your clients

There is nothing more to do than just advertise your web page with all tools we will provide to you!

Try it now! It is Absolutely free with no obligations and guaranteed income!

Affiliate program for Companies

If you represent company that sends people to work abroad or you have web page visited by many people, this program is exactly for you.

With our experiences in Online Business and Tax Refund services since year 1999 we are the best choice for you!

What advantages we offer to you?

  1. Flexible commission scheme matching your needs and expectations
  2. Personal co-branded tracking web link
  3. Guaranteed best prices and customer service
  4. 24/7 online administration for full transparency
  5. Regular meetings and discussions with marketing specialist
  6. Cooperation with experienced accountants and tax specialists
  7. Personalized web banners, tax contents and information prepared specially for you to publish on your web page
  8. Close contact between Dendax, partners and clients
  9. Guaranteed best prices for your clients!!!

Try it now or just contact us for more details.

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